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Sara Fernández, International SEO Consultant.

International SEO Consultant

As an International SEO consultant based in Barcelona, I specialize in multilingual SEO, localization, Content Strategy and Search Experience Optimization (SXO).

I have worked with a wide range of clients, including B2B software companies, pharmaceutical ecommerce startups, and local businesses.

In addition to having been a speaker at conferences like BrightonSEO and Friends of Figma, I am also a lecturer at the University of Barcelona and have had the honor of serving as a judge for awards such as the Global Search Awards. Furthermore, I was featured in Majestic's books "SEO in 2023" and "SEO in 2024" as one of the top 101 SEO experts worldwide. Additionally, I am the founder of the SEO Barcelona community, where we promote knowledge-sharing and networking among professionals in the field.

Tailor-made strategy for brands like yours

My experience in SEO, Localization and UX allows me to provide you with solutions from multiple perspectives.


I will help you expand your digital presence globally. From specific strategies for local markets to optimizing your visibility in different languages, I will guide you to effectively reach international audiences.
Intuitive navigation is essential for turning visitors into satisfied customers. I ensure that users can explore your website smoothly and without obstacles, removing potential barriers that could lead to site abandonment.
Turn your content into a powerful tool. I will not only help you address the issues of your target audience, but also guide you to position yourself as an authority and leader in your industry. With a strong content strategy, your brand will not only stand out but also become an undisputed reference and leader in your industry, setting a path for others to follow.
I make sure that your content not only gets translated correctly, but also resonates with your audience in every language. Precise and culturally relevant localization is key to standing out on Google and connecting with your audience on a global level.
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My holistic approach to SEO is based on some of the following factors:

  • International and multilingual SEO strategies, designed to cater to the unique needs of each market.
  • Search Experience Optimization (SXO).
  • Localization and Content Strategy for global audiences.
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Passionate about foreign cultures and languages

I have a bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting, I speak 5 languages, I have lived in Milan (Italy) and I have always been involved in multicultural environments. All these experiences have made me specialize in International and Multilingual SEO.

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My working method

auditoría SEO


I will conduct a thorough analysis of your website to identify areas for improvement.

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Customized proposal

Based on the results of the audit, I will send you a tailored proposal for your specific needs.

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Once we have a roadmap in place, it's time to put it into action and start ranking where you deserve.

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