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Are you looking for a speaker for your next SEO event?

If you are organizing an SEO or digital marketing event and need a speaker, I am here to help!

I am a multilingual SEO speaker available to give talks both in Barcelona, Madrid, and nationally and internationally. Additionally, I have experience as a university professor and online course trainer.

In both my SEO talks and trainings, my approach is always practical and results-focused, using real-world examples and tools to illustrate theoretical concepts. Furthermore, I ensure that the content is accessible to all types of audiences, from beginners to experts in the field.

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Sara Fernández dando una charla de SEO y UX en BrightonSEO

SEO speaker

I am a regular speaker at conferences, webinars, podcasts, and other SEO and digital marketing events nationally and internationallylike BrightonSEOWordCampInternational Search Summit and Friends of Figma.

As a multilingual speaker, I can give SEO talks in Spanish, English, Catalan, and Italian with complete fluency. I specialize in international and multilingual SEO, SXO (SEO+UX), localization, and other related disciplines, but I can also speak on more general topics such as how search engines work, the importance of quality content, and keyword strategy.

Sara Fernández dando una charla sobre SEO Internacional en el evento Catosfera

SEO instructor

Currently, I am an adjunct professor at the University of Barcelona, where I teach the SEO course as part of a postgraduate program in NGO management and social projects, both in Spanish and English.

Furthermore, I have been a trainer with Women in Tech SEO, an international community that seeks to empower women in the SEO industry, where I have delivered live online trainings on SEO and UX.

Sara Fernández, profesora de SEO en la Universidad de Barcelona

Author and contributor

As an expert in International SEO and SXO, I have collaborated with industry publications such as the book SEO in 2023 by Majestic SEO and the International SEO ebook by Oncrawl.

My industry experience has also led me to participate as a judge in the Global Search Awards and the UK Search Awards, where I evaluate the quality of projects submitted by agencies from around the world. This experience allows me to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in SEO and see firsthand the best approaches and practices carried out on a global level.

Sara Fernández, autora colaboradora en el libro SEO in 2023 de Majestic

My upcoming SEO events

Upcoming events where you can see me:

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Sara Fernández dando una charla para Friends of Figma Barcelona

Previous events and collaborations

Conferences and talks

16/11/2023: Unlocking the power of emojis for International SEO,  International Search Summit (Barcelona) - Speakerdeck.

- 09/11/2023: Panel: AI panel with Dixon Jones, Te Baker, Darby Rahme, Natalya Stecko and Sara Fernández Carmona, Take It Offline Bulgaria.

- 04/11/2023: ¿Qué es el SXO? Descubre cómo unir SEO y UX (What is SXO? Discover how to combine SEO and UX), Wordcamp Madrid - Speakerdeck, WordPress TV.

15/09/2023: Panel: On-site SEO with Chloe Ivy Rose, Billie Geena Hyde and Sara Fernández Carmona, brightonSEO.

14/09/2023: SEO+UX: It’s a Match! Creating a Winning SXO StrategybrightonSEO - Speakerdeck.

05/07/2023: Optimize your Website Content for Multilingual Markets, Crawling Mondays with Aleyda Solís, Natalia Witczyk and Sara Fernández Carmona - YouTube, Spotify.

- 08/06/2023: SEO y UX: el match perfecto (SEO and UX: the perfect match), Friends of Figma Barcelona - SpeakerdeckYouTube.

- 28/02/2023: El síndrome del impostor (Impostor syndrome) - Unantalks #18, Unancor - YouTube, Twitch.

- 06/12/2022: Launch of the book "SEO in 2023" - Majestic SEO - YouTube (starting at min. 38:00).

- 01/12/2022: Stay On Top of UX Best Practices - Majestic SEO - YouTube, SpotifyAmazon UK, Amazon US.

- 22/10/2022: SEO Internacional: més enllà del hreflang (International SEO: beyond hreflang), SEO Day - Catosfera - Speakerdeck, YouTube (starting at min. 2:10:31).

- 16/07/2022: The Wheel Talks, La Caja del Marketing.

Sara Fernández Carmona, speaker SEO en WordCamp Madrid

Ebooks, books and other publications

- 02/05/2023: International SEO: Part 2, Oncrawl - English, French.

- 01/12/2022: SEO in 2023: 101 of the world’s leading SEOs share their number 1, actionable tip for 2023, Majestic SEO - YouTube, SpotifyAmazon UK, Amazon US.


- 30/06/2023: 8 SEO freelancer consultants to hire in 2023. Luca Tagliaferro's blog.

- 15/06/2023: 60 errores SEO (60 SEO Mistakes). Edu Moreno's blog.

- 12/05/2023: What's your favorite strategy to rank #1? Post by Luca Tagliaferro.

Training and workshops

- 23/03/2023: SEO + UX = It's A Match, Women in Tech SEO - SpeakerdeckYouTube.

- 03/2022 - In progress: SEO professor for the postgraduate degree in Social Project Creation, NGO Management, and Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Barcelona, in Spanish and English - Speakerdeck (example of a class).

Awards Judge

Sara Fernández, Global Search Awards Judge

- 10/2023: Judge at the UK Search Awards.

- 06/2023: Judge at the Global Search Awards.


Other collaborations

- Featured speaker in Take It Offline.

- Featured speaker in Mujeres en SEO (Women in SEO).

- Featured speaker in Women in Tech SEO.

My SEO podcasts

Examples of past talks and webinars

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Sara Fernández, ponente en BrightonSEO